5% of 2018 Net Proceeds Goes to Water Preservation & Conservation Causes

As this year comes to an end, a new year begins and as we look back on some years of fishing, there has been a ton of memories made with family and friends. It's a tradition for bonding, for solitude, for peace, and for creating memorable moments. However, as we continue to keep the tradition of fishing ongoing, we can't ignore the fact that water systems across the nation are being polluted. The very animals & environment in which we engage, are threatened by our own hands, man-made trash.

For 2018, we decide that 5% of all net proceeds will go to river clean up, environmental causes and other water conservation / preservation organizations across the states. All lures purchased online or at retail level, will contribute to causes around the nation to help keep our water systems cleaner so that we may continue creating meaningful memories with those that matter.

You may volunteer, donate, or help spread the word about water preservation and conservancy by visiting your local organization or any of the listed ones below. A few local and nationwide clean up organizations which we plan to contribute:
American Rivers
Sacramento River Preservation Trust
Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy
And more

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