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Hello fellow fishermen!

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to look around here. We hope you all are urging to get outdoors because we believe this upcoming season will be a BLAST!

Since our opening in 2016, we've grown from our very first fan and customer to THOUSANDS of fan & customers across the nation. Our Facebook group has over 25,000+ fans and growing larger every day. We've also received a ton of positive feedback along with some, well, let's just say, very straight forward and direct. All in all, we've taken consideration to all the feedback that we've received and made some changes. We've also heard your thoughts on other products you'd like to see us introduce and we definitely hear you.

To kick off the new year, we will be doing a ton of weekly giveaways, run many more events (#raceto10pounds, #raceto4bass, #racetomonster) for prize & rewards, offering more ProStaff positions (more details), writing exciting and value-based articles to provide you with great content, upload of how-to & tutorial videos (covering topics from fishing swimbaits, reel & rod selection, line selection, swimbait & glide bait techniques, and more), 15# Monster Bass Blog/Vlog Diary series which we hunt down monster bass using the TroutGlider throughout California's Lake, and much more!

In additional to all the great things happening, we are also offering several limited spaces for those that love our brand and want to make a few extra bucks on the side. We are offering affiliate programs which we will run throughout the year and affiliates will be able to earn cash from the sales they bring. To qualify for an affiliate you must have a fishing-related website (1000+ unique visitors per month) OR at least one fishing related social media accounts: 1) Instagram 10k+ follower or 2) Facebook page 10k+ likes or 3) Twitter 10k+ followers or 4) Youtube 1k+ subscribers. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, email us (

We also have plans to be stocked at your local retail shops and even the small mom/pop bait shops, so when you get the chance to we encourage you to ask the local stores if they can stock some TroutGliders. This way you can purchase them locally and use them on the day of your fishing trip. 

If you haven't already, like our Facebook and Instagram. We will update you all soon, in the mean time, please "subscribe" to our newsletter 👇below👇 so you can get the latest news and updates! 

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