Dealer 5-Pack
Dealer 5-Pack
Dealer 5-Pack
Dealer 5-Pack
Dealer 5-Pack
Dealer 5-Pack
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The Original TroutGlider™ is a super realistic swim bait lure that glides like a champ, all-day long. Comes in a perfect palm-sized 7" glide model with Size 2 VMC super sharp treble hooks. Bass are known to devour this thing! You can: Swim it! Glide it! Jerk it! Or just straight up Burn it!

Get 5 lures at a SUPER discount! Great for retail shops, guide services or simply extras for back up or fishing buddies!

Quantity: 5
Model: TroutGlider™ 7
Pattern: Rainbow Trout
Weight: 2.75oz
Length: 7"
Hooks: 2 x Size 2 VMC treble hooks*
Sink Rate: Slow Sinking (2-3 seconds per feet)

Species Target: Largemouth bass, Spotted bass, Smallmouth bass, Striped bass, Musky, Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout, Trout & more!

Visit our FAQ for more information and details.

How to Use:

Best Tips: For best performance, slow retrieve for 2-3 seconds, pause, then jerk-jerk. Another technique, retrieve and jerk your rod tip downward so the lure glides from side to side while temporarily pausing every few seconds.

*Upgrade to 2x strong size 2 Mustad Treble hooks for super extra strength and better chance of landing those toads!
**Delivery may take 1-2 weeks if demand is strong during peak times.

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