How do I order the Original TroutGlider™?

What is the sink rate or ROF (rate of fall)?

  • By popular demand, the TroutGlider™ will come as a slow-sink. It sinks around 3 second per feet.

Do you guys have proof-of-concept that the lure works?

  • Our customers continue to catch beautiful healthy fish from all over the nation. Our lures are PROVEN to work and you can view catches from our customers on our Instagram and Facebook. We recommend you trying our lures so you can find out for yourself.

Are there other patterns available?

  • Unfortunately, due to very low demands for the other patterns we have currently phased them. The Rainbow Trout pattern is our best performing and most popular product.

What does your customers think of your products?

  • Our customer's love the TroutGlider and many claim the lure will catch the next Largemouth bass record! Many of our customers have had great success with our lure and have posted their catches on social networks. We encourage our customers to post their catches to get featured on our page and website. We now have THOUSANDS of satisfied customers across the nation and continue to grow our brand throughout the nation. 

Are you guys accepting ProStaff or have other opportunities?

  • We are accepting ProStaff that have over 5,000 followers on IG, and preferably a Youtube channel with at least 1,000 subs. Please contact us at and title "prostaff". If you are interested in becoming an affiliate to make some extra cash on the side, you must have a blog/website/channel or a large audience group on FB or IG. You may also contact us and title "affiliate". 

How do I contact you guys?